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Not only will our technicians at Stokes Electrical Service and Repairs complete your residential electrical repair for your requested job but they also will advise you on the current status of your home electrical system to ensure your home is free of hazards and up to code.

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Inspection Includes but not limited to:

  • Inspection of breaker box 
  • Tighten connections at breaker box
  • Check your meter base
  • Ensure proper grounding (Proper grounding and bonding prevent unwanted voltage on non-current-carrying metal objects, such as tools, appliances, and more)
  • Visual inspection of wiring in attic
  • Smoke alarms and CO detectors will be tested
  • Wiring hazards, hanging fixtures, or anything else your electrician finds that might be harmful to you or your family will be brought to your attention.

Providing Home Electrical Safety Inspections in Coweta and Fayette Counties